Name: LeAndra Dawn
AKA: Cylithera, KaAnna
Education: Self-taught

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Daz Studio 3 Advanced
Daz Studio 4 Advanced
Poser Pro 2010
Adobe Photoshop CS4
Adobe Dreamweaver


Inspirations & Favorites

My family, Supernatural, Jensen Ackles, Muse, Green Day, Daniel LuVisi, Nobuo Uematsu, Arthas, League of Legends, Nightmare Before Christmas, Eye of the Beholder series, Anvil of Dawn, Dragon Age games, Final Fantasy, Tim Burton, Tetsuya Nomura, Yoshitako Amano, Giana, Anna Rigby, Chris Metzen, Linda Bergkvist, Blizzard games, Ska Studios, Mirja T., Anna Ignatieva



2012 September – Artwork for GameSims for browser game Gangfare/MafiaSim
2012 July – “Plunderers Greed” featured in Ballistic Publishing’s Exposé 10. (Exposé 10)
2012 July – “Bog Shaman” featured in Ballistic Publishing’s Exposé 10. (Exposé 10)
2011 August – Advertising flyers for Heatwave Interactive for video game Gods & Heroes.
2011 June – “Queen – Steampunk” featured in Ballistic Publishing’s Exposé 9. (Exposé 9)
2011 June – First Place – RuntimeDNA June ’11 Challenge – In the Shadows (Forum Post) (as cylithera)
2011 May – First Place – RuntimeDNA May ’11 Challenge – Wild West (Forum Post) (as cylithera)
2011 April – Daily Deviation – “Plunderer’s Greed” (DeviantArt Page) (What is a Daily Deviation?) (as cylithera)
2011 March – First Place – RuntimeDNA March ’11 Challenge Reflective Horror (Forum Post) (as cylithera)
2011 March – Third Place – RuntimeDNA Carneval Contest (Contest Page) (as cylithera)
2011 February – First Place – LadyLittlefox’s Cookies and Chip Contest (Contest Page) (as cylithera)
2010 December – Daily Deviation – “Whispering Wind” (DeviantArt Page) (What is a Daily Deviation?) (as cylithera)
2010 October – Second Place – RuntimeDNA October ’10 Challenge Creature Feature (Forum Post) (as cylithera)
2010 September – Image of the Week – RuntimeDNA Image of the Week (Gallery Link) (as cylithera)
2010 August – Third Place – RuntimeDNA August ’10 Challenge Spacescape (Forum Post) (as cylithera)
2010 July – Honorable Mention – RuntimeDNA July ’10 Challenge Azure & Crimson (Forum Post) (as cylithera)
2010 May – Second Place – RuntimeDNA May ’10 Challenge CyberHorror (Forum Post) (as cylithera)
2010 March – First Place – LadyLittlefox’s Mix & Match Contest (Contest Page) (as cylithera)
2010 March – Third Place – Test Drive the Platinum Club (Forum Post) (as Ka-Anna)

2005 – Honorable Mention – Future of Digital Art (3D Plus 2D) (Contest Page) (as Ka-Anna)
2004 – First Place – Daz|Studio Contest (No Postwork) (Contest Page) (as Ka-Anna)
2004 – Second Place – Daz|Studio Contest (Postworked) (Contest Page) (as Ka-Anna)



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